How to buy from AliExpress

Today you will learn how to buy from AliExpress sellers. AliExpress is kinda Amazon, Ebay combined, but
it’s more like Amazon if anything. AliExpress is a online retailers site that sells close,
shoes, hadbags, electronics, anything you want, just like Amazon or Ebay does. About 90 percent
of every seller on Aliexpress is based in China. I found a release may be one and two different
sellers from a different countrys, but majority there are from in China. Now you may ask,
since these items are coming from China are the real or are the fake? Well I’m going to keep
you really true, about ninety percent of these items are replicas – copys of the original,
made by a different person not the original maker. These items or as you can say fake, but
nowadays it’s kinda hard to tell the fake from real unless you really pay close attention.
Some of these items are real garbage and some of them are perfect. But that’s not depends
on you or seller you buy from.

Now just like Ebay and Amazon it’s all about the seller ratings. Whenever you buy a product
of Aliexpress you need to take this into consideration. The seller rating is the number one
most important thing when you’re buying from this website. As you can see the seller rate
here has the feedback score 74 and the past six months they have 96.2 percent feedback rating.
That’s pretty grate! Now, how Aliexpress breaks down their feedback score is in through these three categories.
Number one, I am ask discribe. Number two, communication. Number three, shipping speed.

As you can see this seller has item discription 4.8 out of 53 ratings and their 40 percent higher any other seller.
As you can see also this other, communication has 4.7 out of 52 ratings. And their comunication 13.80
percent is higher the other sellers on this site. The same thing is shipping.
This is you should go up every time you buy any item at the Aliexpress.


Now as you can see this seller rate here has a pretty bad seller. But the scores are high with this seller,
because of many reasons. One is a mixture between with good reviews and bad reviews, but as you can see
this seller just like the other sellers has a feedback score 112, which is higher than the last seller and
has a positive feedback within the past six months 95.1 percent. But like I said this is how Aliexpress
breaks down their feedback ratings is in through these three categories.
Number one, item describtion rating is 1.91 percent lower the other sellers. Now this seller has comunication
rating of 5.57 percent lower the other sellers, along with shipping being 2.26 percent lower the other sellers.

Now this seller I will avoid, because mostly ratings are horrible, their high numbers as you can see there in the low.
So I will avoid from this person. Those ratings are really played into affect.
I wouldn’t stay with any seller who has detailed ratings.

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